BETC and Bouygues take you on the real Tour de France

Have you always wondered what the French people really are like?

Are they all elegant, slim and chic? Do they eat croissants for breakfast every day? Are French kids the most well-behaved in the world, do young people only listen to electro and do they all still smoke?

Now, for the first time, thanks to an interactive map, created by BETC for its client Bouygues Telecom, it’s finally time to find out the truth about these snail-devouring, mythic creatures; or at least what stories they like to tell through their smartphones.

Bouygues has the largest 4G network in France and is present in every corner of the land of wine and cheese. The French Telecom covers 99% of France and over 18,000 villages.

To show this in a fun way, BETC Paris and production company Francine Framboise traveled all over France to create a campaign with 91 short videos; featuring Bouyguesusers all over the country and published them on the Bouygues Telecom website. The videos are geolocated and also tagged with search words such as “beach”, “travel”, “city”…

The website is organic and will leave and breathe through new stories that users can send in via messenger to be published.

Source: BETC

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