BrandCap helps Cambridge Assessment rebrand its exam boards

Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge responsible for providing exams and education systems in over 170 countries is rebranding two of its exam boards in collaboration with leading consultancy BrandCap.

The two exam boards – Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge International Examinations – are both launching updated brand identities (names, visual identities and propositions) to emphasise the fact that they are part of the University of Cambridge and reflect the evolving needs of their customers: the millions of learners, teachers, parents, schools and education institutions, ministries and partners they serve across the globe.

The brands have been designed to feel warm, approachable and learner-focused. Additionally, they have been more closely aligned to the parent brand by incorporating Cambridge Assessment into their names. While both brands draw on the Group’s combined qualities they also have distinct audiences and offerings which needed to be taken into consideration.

Cambridge Assessment English – formerly Cambridge English Language Assessment – helps people learn English and prove their skills to the world. It has an unrivalled depth of experience in English language learning and every year, more than five and a half million Cambridge English exams are taken in over 140 countries.

The new visual identity expresses this idea and conveys the belief that learning English is an exhilarating journey. Imagery depicts learners out in the real world – living, working and studying in their own environment.

The visual identity is based on a set of shapes in warm, vibrant colours representing the communication skills Cambridge Assessment English assesses: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The overall impression is of a dynamic, energised and learner-centric brand.

Jacqui Bullock at Cambridge Assessment English comments: “Our new brand is focused on the proposition ‘for every learner, every step of the way.’ and our commitment to giving learnersthe skills to communicate with confidence and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities.”

Cambridge Assessment International Education – formerly Cambridge International Examinations – provides exams forinternational studies across all qualification levels and subject areas. Its goal is to prepare school students for life, helping themto develop an informed curiosity and passion for learning. The new name and visual identity is a clear and compelling expressionof its personality and what it does for ministries, national education organisations, schools, parents and learners.

With one million learners across 10,000 schools globally, Cambridge Assessment International Education is the common thread in a culture of global communication. The sentiment was captured by drawing inspiration from symbols of different cultures around the world to create Cambridge Assessment International Education’s own motif which could be used across its portfolio of products, offers and materials.

The most significant part of the name change for this part of the Group is not what has been taken away, but the addition of theword ‘education’. The new name reflects the full breadth of the education offer it provides; bringing the exam board closer to theeducational experience of learners.

In addition, it is introducing Cambridge Pathway, a new way to describe its educational programmes for schools and will belaunching other exciting new programmes and services later in the year.

Amy Budd at Cambridge Assessment International Education said: “Our new brand reflects our desire to support schools around the world develop the whole education they provide to help their students to learn, discover and achieve.”

This is the second phase of work for Cambridge Assessment, which launched an evolved Group brand in January 2017, also in collaboration with BrandCap. The new brands were developed in close consultation with hundreds of internal and external stakeholders worldwide.

Stephanie Matthews, Director, BrandCap, said: “Exams and assessments are an essential and helpful part of learning. They help to consolidate learning and enable learners to identify the areas for improvement. We therefore wanted the brands to radiate the confidence people get from their qualifications. Consequently, the changes go much further than simple visual updates. With these updates, Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge Assessment International Education will forge emotive and inspirational connections with customers and learners around the World.”

Source: BrandCap

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