BrandOpus Helps Make Vitalite The Positive Lifestyle Choice

Vitalite_new-identity_RGBMarket leading Dairy free spread Vitalite has partnered with brand design consultancy, BrandOpus, to create a fresh new brand identity and pack design to help engage with new audiences.

Vitalite first launched in the UK in 1983 at a time when sunflower spreads were dominating the market. It was perhaps most recognisable for its earworm advertising campaign featuring dancing sunflowers singing a parody of Desmond Dekker’s ‘Israelites’.

With over 10% of people now actively avoiding dairy in the UK, due to an intolerance or healthy lifestyle, Vitalite identified a category opportunity to re-engage with consumers with a more relevant, dairy free proposition.

BrandOpus was briefed to reposition Vitalite as a credible dairy free brand and reignite the brand through a new identity and pack design. The challenge however is that despite the dairy free sector increasing in popularity, there’s often a perception that the consumer will have to make a concession on taste. In contrast Vitalite positively embraces its dairy free proposition rather than treating it as a necessary compromise.

The brand believes its product offers consumers the freedom to feel good about choosing Vitalite whether they are choosing it for intolerance reasons or just to live a healthy lifestyle. A recent recipe reformulation, launching alongside the new identity, is further commitment from the brand that consumers won’t have to compromise on taste when moving to dairy free.

BrandOpus has brought the brand’s positive ethos to life by embracing the vitality of the sunshine – a symbol that has long been associated with the brand. The design moves away from the cartoon-like character to evoke the dairy free proposition as a natural and positive lifestyle choice. The elevation of the dairy free descriptor to a brand identity level establishes it as the core proposition rather than a variant of the brand. This establishes a clear architecture with the ability to extend to any potential future range extensions.

“All the attributes are there for Vitalite to position itself as the positive choice for the dairy free audience.” Says Paul Taylor, Exec Creative Director, BrandOpus. “The new brand identity and pack design is intended to give the consumer a choice that doesn’t look and feel like a negative compromise.”

“The dairy free market has seen huge expansion over recent years in categories such as milk alternatives, but this growth has yet to be fully unlocked within the Butters & Spreads category” says Neil Stewart, Marketing Manager, Dairy Crest. “It’s important for us to stand out among our competitors as being a genuinely positive alternative to dairy, and we believe the identity BrandOpus has created will make consumers all the more encouraged about choosing Vitalite.”

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