BrandOpus’ Rebrand for Crosse & Blackwell Celebrates the Perfect Partnership

Global branding agency BrandOpus has been working with Crosse & Blackwell to launch a new brand identity to challenge perceptions in the established tinned soup category.

For 200 years Crosse & Blackwell have been combining culinary talent with quality grown produce, yet this incredible heritage was relatively unknown to many of their consumers.

Even though all Crosse & Blackwell’s key ingredients are British sourced, BrandOpus needed to better communicate their provenance in order to connect more meaningfully with consumers and reignite excitement for the brand with trade.

In an aisle dominated by big brand stalwarts we needed to re-establish Crosse & Blackwell, generating reappraisal by cutting through and driving impact on shelf. 

Crosse & Blackwell isn’t your average tinned soup. BrandOpus took it back to where it all started for the brand; a partnership between farmer & chef. Driven by a shared desire to serve the finest food possible with culinary flare the design experts wanted to celebrate the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that is still central to Crosse & Blackwell but in a fresh, contemporary way.

The new identity celebrates the brand’s collaborative heritage and commitment to sourcing the best of British produce from field to bowl. 

Kate Jones, Design Director at BrandOpus says: “We have embraced the opportunity to create a distinctive and compelling rebrand for Crosse & Blackwell that will reinvigorate the brand as a challenger to the mainstream domination of the category. Delving into Crosse & Blackwell’s heritage has unearthed the inspiration for a narrative and identity that will establish relevance and differentiation in a category ripe for reappraisal.”

Source: BrandOpus

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