Brandpie ensures Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra hits the right note with brand refresh

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO) announced the launch of its new brand positioning, purpose and visual identity, conceived and created by independent strategic brand consultancy Brandpie.

LACO’s core positioning – “the invigorating power of classical music” – seeks to modernise the orchestra and appeal to a new generation of music fans, spark curiosity in the wider Los Angeles area and increase ticket sales.

Through its refreshed brand narrative, the chamber orchestra aims to dispel the common misconception that classical music is only for older audiences and shed the traditional and conservative perception of its brand long-held by younger demographics.

Casting stereotypes aside, LACO’s new purpose and messaging framework aims to fill audiences with wonder, provoke awe and foster emotional well-being through the invigorating power of classical music. This idea is expressed through the tagline, “Feel Everything”.

Brandpie conducted extensive consumer research and discovered key behavioural trends that helped shape the creative output. Audiences today are more stressed and anxious, meaning they look for experiences to help them unplug and relax. By focusing on purpose and engagement, Brandpie has chosen to highlight the powerful emotional effect of classical music performance and its cognitive ability to restore, refresh and ultimately invigorate audiences. 

The creative redesign includes an entirely new logo, updated typography, a fresh colour palette and enhanced layout applications. The stroke lines of a music manuscript make up the logo and become a motif that represents how the audience feels the music.

The orchestra’s new visual and verbal identity highlights artistic ability, while also being both forward-thinking and digital-first, yet still inviting to its current audience. Visually, “Feel Everything” will use photography that focuses on the audience themselves, showing the impact of classical music performance on listeners.

Collectively, Brandpie’s new brand positioning and creative execution for LACO forms a comprehensive and compelling strategy designed to invigorate the power of classical music for an entirely new audience and generation. 

Justus Zimmerman, Director of Marketing & Communications at Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, says: “Brandpie has been a dream to work with. Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra has been a force in the classical music world for more than 50 years, but with our new music director Jaime Martín coming to town, it was time to make sure our brand was as full of life as he is. In the crowded cultural sphere that is Los Angeles, we needed something truly different in order to stand out. But we also couldn’t alienate existing audiences. Brandpie’s sophisticated read of the situation on the ground and their keen sense of style have created a truly differentiated, truly beautiful brand to mark this new era in LACO’s history.”

MaryLee Sachs, CEO, NY at Brandpie, says, “It’s been a real privilege to work with the entire team at LACO. We’re thrilled with the new strategic direction and wholeheartedly believe it will serve LACO well now and into the future. By focusing in on a clear purpose and updating creative to reflect this new identity, we’ve not only created a new visual component – we’ve helped reinvigorate the power of classical music. We can’t wait to share this with the millions of residents in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.”

Source: Brandpie

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