Comfort made 87-years-old lady become the star of the runway in Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Real treatment functions for clothes, quality perfumes and positive impact on society: these are the pillars that underpin the recently launched Comfort campaign worldwide.

In the portfolio, the softer fabric products have a formula developed to protect fibers from the fabrics, avoiding damages so that the clothes last four times more.

To introduce the concept, which combines a purpose to the treatment and durability that its products offer, the Unilever-owned brand invited Palmirinha to walk the runway of the most expected show at SPFW N47.

She was the star in the show of genderless fashion brand Another Place, wearing not a creation from the stylists, but her 20 years old clothes.

In the audience, Palmirinha was applauded by celebrities, fashion editors and even international names such as Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s stylist. “This grandma is so sweet,” he said to Brazilian press.

“This new Comfort product offers a treatment for clothes to stay fresh for much longer. This allows  giving long life to clothes and encourages conscious consumption,” says Mariana Gonçalo, manager of consumer experience for Comfort in LATAM.

Source: Comfort

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