CP+B Reveals Big Xbox One Invitation


The battle of the 4th gen consoles is well underway. CP+B have revealed their TV campaign for Xbox One which launches in the U.S. this Sunday night during Sunday Night Football on NBC, and will subsequently roll-out around the world.

Titled “Invitation,” the advertising is centered on an invitation to fans to enter a new generation of games and entertainment. The campaign highlights characters and content from games, sports, movies and TV shows that are part of Xbox One, who literally come into your world and invite you into theirs. The campaign was directed by Bryan Buckley.


The spot is hot on the heels of Playstation 4‘s ‘Perfect Day’ campaign from BBH NY and signals the final phase of the head-to-head between the two giants of console gaming.

While Playstation’s campaign is all about mates playing together, CP+B and Xbox One have recruited the likes of Steven Gerrard and Zachary Quinto as Spock.

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