Dare Launches New TV Ad for Vision Express

Dare has created a unique TV ad using head-mounted cameras to show the everyday adventures of Vision Express customers.

The ad was shot by Conkerco through Academy Films and features a cameo from Heston Blumenthal who has been working with Vision Express since the summer as brand ambassador.

Making the film required the design and construction of a bespoke headcam rig and is the first TV ad shot entirely on a GoPro Hero camera. This innovative approach allows the glasses to take centre stage by showing people young and old enjoying life in their new glasses. The soundtrack is ‘Ice cream’ by The Battles.

The ad was created by James Woods and Stuart Hallybone and creative directors Nick Bird and Lee Smith.

Lee Leggett, CEO of Dare, stated:

“The category norm is to make a joke around the mishaps of not being able to see clearly.  However, the right pair of glasses should be more than just the functional benefits around being able to see.  They are part and parcel of people’s lives and their respective identities.  We wanted to celebrate that in a really vibrant way.”

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