Dove Men+Care Spotlights Real Dads’ Emotional Entry Into Fatherhood

Dove_First_Fatherhood_Moments_Still1Becoming a father is a significant and transformative experience; 82% of men globally believe that having a child changes the way they think about what it means to be a man. The modern man cherishes his dual role of provider and caregiver, as he embarks upon the journey of parenthood. Dads today are actively embracing being a parent, and are turning to public digital forums, such as YouTube, to share their experiences of the highs and lows of parenting. The increasing amount of content being shared suggests a notable shift in the attitudes of men towards being a father.

Nine out of ten men believe that showing their caring side is a sign of real strength and masculinity. Dove Men+Care understands that men today feel the need to be stronger when they enter fatherhood. Dove Men+Care also believes that real strength means showing you care and that is why, this Father’s Day, is launching the ‘First Fatherhood Moments’ campaign to celebrate the emotion, happiness and the care dads openly express upon learning they are to become a father.

Reflective of the increase in dad-driven content online today, a new campaign film (see above) captures the reaction of fathers-to-be in the first moment they find out they are going to be a dad. Made by Havas helia it comprised of personal online clips from the lives of 13 real dads, the film portrays their authentic and unfiltered reactions, and offers genuine insight into this pivotal moment when a man learns his life has changed forever.

“Fatherhood has evolved from previous generations, with men drawing strength and fulfillment from their caring roles—in fact, 88% of men feel that taking care of their family makes them feel strong,” said Jennifer Bremner, the Director of Marketing for Dove Men+Care. “Our brand has seen this displayed through the personal stories and experiences dads are sharing online. In celebration of Father’s Day, we collated real moments, from real men, to show the world that a dads’ care begins from the very first instant he finds out he’s going to be a dad”.

Dove_First_Fatherhood_Moments_Still4Celebrating Real Men’s “First Fatherhood Moments”

7 out of 10 men feel that they need to be stronger when they enter parenthood. The new “First Fatherhood Moments” film brings this to life, capturing the reaction of men as they find out they’re going to be Dads.

The film is a thoughtful compilation of personal footage from the lives of real couples around the world, all with different stories and backgrounds; one wife had set up a hidden camera to capture the moment her husband realized she had handed him a Penn State baby hat, bought in the school they first met, to signify their happy news.

Another clip shows a couple from Port Moody, Canada, embracing one another as they set eyes on the newborn baby boy they never thought they’d have, for the first time. A third husband’s joy is palpable as we see his wife present him with a poppy seed signifying the size of their unborn child.

Customers are encouraged to share #realstrength stories, advice, or a ‘First Fatherhood Moment’ from your life  Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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