Eighth MoMA Design Store completed by Lumsden Design at LOFT, Japan

MoMA’s eighth Design Store has now opened in Tokyo’s popular Ginza shopping district with design by London-based retail specialist Lumsden Design

This opening is the latest project in Lumsden’s longstanding relationship with MoMA, which has seen the creation of three stores in New York, and standalone stores in Kyoto and Tokyo. The LOFT concession comes ahead of New York’s MoMA reopening in mid-October this year following an extensive overhaul of the international attraction including new museum retail delivered by Lumsden. 

The new Ginza concession occupies 596 square feet at the base of the third-floor escalators within the LOFT department store, ideally positioned near the central customer pathway ensuring maximum visibility for the brand.

The store design follows a tri-zonal layout with two L-shaped modular display fixtures anchoring the space. Against a backdrop display featuring MoMA prints, the effect is a symmetry that is echoed throughout the space, beneath a bold central hanging Design Store sign that can be seen from all perspectives on the floor and from the escalators.

Continuing the symmetrical layout, all display furniture has received bespoke treatments by Lumsden Design to create a cohesive material palette in line with MoMA’s recognisable pared-back aesthetic. 

“We wanted to build on MoMA’s established material palette with a visual texture,” says Gabrielle Milner, Senior Designer, Lumsden Design. “By adding fluted glass to display shelving we were able to expand the material range while retaining a sense of space and transparency for customers.”

Lumsden worked with MoMA’s merchandising team to plan a bespoke display layout that places the curated range of products at the centre of the retail space. In keeping with MoMA’s style, the overall design is clean-cut and refined. Display furniture features blonde wood supported by a minimal black linear framework allowing the products to stand out.

The merchandising plan led to the development of tech tables, adapted from the original furniture designed for the MoMA Daimaru Store. These tables flank the central zone, displaying high value items beneath clear acrylic cases with integrated lighting and concealed cabling to maintain a clean look.

With restrictions in place governing hanging space and display units throughout the LOFT department store, Lumsden Design faced the challenge of providing an approach that would represent the internationally-recognised MoMA brand.

“We’re proud of our history with MoMA, so getting the space plan in line with the brand was a top priority for us. We negotiated additional height allowances for the rear display units that would enable customers to see more merchandise without losing any visibility through the greater shop floor. To overcome wall-hanging restrictions, we created a floating print display unit that hangs from the ceiling,” says Milner.

Source: Lumsden Design

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