Maxus guide reveals the potential of Beacons

Beacons---Promise,-Present,-Future-1With 2016 set to the be the year when Beacons go from hype to delivering real marketing value, media agency Maxus has created a practical guide for brands seeking to harness their potential.

Written by Maxus director of technology, Tom Kelshaw, Beacons – Promise, Present, Future, is a thorough examination of the state of Beacons at the moment. It covers technology, the challenges and opportunities of Beacons, as well as strategies employed by Beacon pioneers such as Apple and Unilever.

The report is timely as the release of Eddystone Beacons in 2015 extended functionality to Google-Android and a set of best practices is emerging for using Beacons at practical scale.

Kelshaw said: “There’s a clear way for marketers to succeed with beacons: take advantage of partnerships between marketers, beacon network owners and app publishers. Use existing beacon networks and most importantly, existing app audiences to fast-track your proximity marketing. Don’t go it alone.”

Damian Blackden worldwide chief strategy officer, Maxus said Beacons’ early promise was set to be fulfilled as businesses were getting to grips with the necessary implementation and integration of new hardware and apps, as well as the navigation of privacy issues.

“Media agencies’ role is to identify and activate the means to finding, influencing and converting consumers to sale,” said Blackden. “Beacons are an exciting potential addition to the mix, and are an opportunity to fuse on and offline, marketing and retail, and prospect advertising with relationship marketing.”

As well as looking at opportunities for brands today, the report also considers how Beacons could be used in future situations, such as in the home where falling costs could make them a key component of the Internet of Things. It also includes brand case studies and a mobile strategy health check outlining considerations for brands before deployment and advice on assessing beacon partners.

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