Men highlight inspirational woman in IWD campaign from Aurora

Aurora, the global creative experience agency, is calling on young men everywhere, as well as male content creators and influencers to celebrate women who inspire them and why.

The agency’s campaign, #ImYourAlly, which is live now, is building across social media until International Women’s Day on 8 March. It aims to turn the sadly misogynistic narrative so prevalent in today’s social media on its head by encouraging young men to talk honestly and authentically about women and girls in their lives, thereby drowning out toxic content on the web.

The campaign features a number of partners including ant-violence, young person’s CIC initiative Weapons Down Gloves Up, youth education provider The Learning Foundry and influencer agency ButterMilk.

Young men are being asked to record a 15 to 30-second video talking about the women that inspire them, which could include celebrated women from any sector and timeframe in history or a family member – the aim is to find out how these women have inspired someone and why. They are then being asked to post the video to TikTok and other social sites by 8 March with the hashtag #ImYourAlly.

A range of high profile men including former World Champion professional boxer Tony Bellew and DJ Josh Newsham will feature their content as part of the campaign, with more influencers set to upload powerful content to their social channels.

Dawn Paine, Co-Founder and CEO at Aurora and an active member of gender equality campaigning organisation WACL said: “Women need equality more than ever and we want men to take an active role. We wanted to create a counter voice to the negativity, anger and distrust that surrounds women – a message that is spreading rapidly among young men and boys in particular. IWD23 is the ideal platform where young male allies can champion women and girls and create a message of celebration and optimism.”

How to take part:
Simply record a piece to camera talking about what woman inspires you most and why – and post with the hashtag #IMYOURALLY.


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