Mercedes-Benz makes smartwatch band with tire rubber

During the São Paulo International Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz went beyond the automotive portfolio and announced the creation of a band for smartwatches.

Devised by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi (the agency that services the automaker through the Publicis Emil operation), the strategy integrates the efforts of the Mercedes-AMG brand and uses the automobile’s strength and power to obtain the main raw material of the band’s manufacturing process: tire rubber.

Therefore, from November 14, the brand will promote on its social networks a film produced by Underdogs that reveals more details about the production of the limited series of straps.

“Our mission is to rejuvenate a strong brand without giving up any of the qualities and attributes that it represents, such as reliability, quality, and elegance. That is why we believe in the power of this idea: bringing together technology and innovation to promote concepts that were previously abstract,” explains Evandro Bastos, Automotive Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz Brazil.

For the creatives responsible for the project, it gives the opportunity to put into practice a new model of thinking. “We created a product from the data analysis. And for this work, we had to consider and be close to all the stages of development, production, promotion, and commercial operation together with the client,” remembers João Paulo Testa.

“This project gave us the opportunity to materialise 612 horsepower in different fronts. From the design of the strap by an automotive designer we invited, to a sensorial film, to the posters actually made from the tire tracks left on the ground by a Mercedes-AMG,” completes Bruno Zampoli.

The bands can be purchased at the MB Collection store at the Motor Show or pre-ordered online.

Source: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

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