New algorithm gives discounts to purchase electric bikes in Brazil

With 8.6 million vehicles in the streets, São Paulo has one of the most intense and chaotic traffic in the world, placing urban mobility as a central issue for the inhabitants. The metropolis is home to 12.2 million people, which lose almost two hours every day just to go and come back from work. Not to mention the pollution produced by so many cars and buses.

In recent years, cycling has proved to be an important element in solve this issue, especially with more bicycle paths and population awareness. But the geographic question is still a handicap for actual and potential cyclists, since at least 30% of the streets in São Paulo have ups and downs, some of them reaching incredible 45 degrees of inclination.

Helping to solve the problem, E-Moving, one of the leading Brazilian companies focused on urban mobility through electric bikes, announces the “Steep Discount” project. Using topography information, the company is offering large discounts for the purchase of energy-using bicycles to make it easier to tackle the steepest climbs in the city.

The idea, the strategy and the execution are from the Tribal São Paulo agency, encouraging people to use the bike more as a displacement option.

“We understand that we have an important role to solve mobility issues in a big city like São Paulo, which needs more bikes on the streets. We also know that this discourse often doesn’t consider the difficulties of variations in altitude on the way. This solution represents a benefit not only for our business, but for the city’s population. We want to promote the use of electric bikes in São Paulo not only as an alternative model, but also as a solution that helps the environment and the quality of life of all,” says E-Moving CEO, Gabriel Arcon.

To get the discounts, the potential customers should access the website and enter both, their residential and work zip-codes. Crossing the topographic data and the elevations on the route using the Google Maps altimetry tool, the system offers coupons that can exceed the US$ 250 in discounts, depending on quantities of climbs and variations of altitude along the way.

“We are using creativity and technology as a new logic in offering discounts. The steeps, which are a great difficulty for those who choose to travel by bicycle around the city, have proved a fairer parameter in order to offer special prices: you win more when you need it the most. It’s a business solution that has a positive impact on people’s lives and works as a great stimulus for those who think of changing cars for an electric bike,”  says Carlos Fonseca, Tribal São Paulo’s co-president.

Source: Tribal São Paulo

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