Quiet Storm creates three new Kids Voices films for HARIBO Germany

HARIBO Germany is launching a series of three new ads for Goldbears, Color-Rado and Phantasia confectionary, created by Quiet Storm.

The first executions ‘Farmer’ and ‘Library’ launch on September the 2nd, to be followed by a third spot later this year. This is the latest instalment since the successful launch of the new Kids Voices campaign in Germany in January.

In the 25-second ad, ‘Farmer’ shows two farmers taking a break from work to share a bag of HARIBO Goldbears, and fantasising about growing fields filled with red and green Goldbears. The ‘Library’ spot shows two people speaking in hushed voices in a library, discussing topics from dinosaurs to lasers and sneakily eating a bag of HARIBO Phantasia before the librarian interrupts them.

Both ads are voiced by children, reminding viewers how HARIBO inspires unconcerned moments of happiness by letting people release their inner child.

Marcin Piaseczny, Marketing Director for Germany at HARIBO, said: “When we first launched the Haribo Kid’s Voices campaign in Germany at the beginning of 2019, it was a big step in a new direction for us. After decades of testimonial advertising, we decided to go in a completely new direction with our German advertising. With these three brand new spots, we wanted to implement this great campaign idea even further and more authentically. We’ve absolutely succeeded at this and are thrilled with the results.” 

Trevor Robinson OBE, Executive Creative Director at Quiet Storm, said: “They say that humour doesn’t translate across cultures but it turns out that’s not always true, as our HARIBO Kids Voices work seems to tap into something that people across cultures and generations can really relate to. We’re particularly thrilled to be launching a second phase in Germany after the success of the first campaign.”

The ads will run in Germany, Austria and Switzerland starting on 2 September on television and video-on-demand.

Source: Quiet Storm

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