Ready, Steady, Gallop! DillySocks Team Up with Serviceplan Switzerland to Launch TikTok #DillyGallopChallenge

DillySocks, the sock brand for Millenials, say ‘Neigh to lockdown gloom’ with 2 for 1 offer promoted by TikTok users wearing socks on their hands and feet as they take up

Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication Zurich have collaborated with edgy Swiss sock brand Dilly Socks and a stellar cast of Influencers – Michelle Melody, Ava Vogel, Jean Carly, Geo Cadiias, Quoc-Anh Dao, Simo Bonito, Taulant Gashnjani and Eric Luthi – on the TikTok. #DillyGallopChallenge, which involves ‘horsing around’ while wearing socks on their hands and feet. Since launching last week, the campaign has gone viral on TikTok with the ads achieving 3.5 million impressions already. Organic videos on the DillySocks TikTok channel have generated more than 1.4 million views, with #DillyGallopChallenge videos accumulating 2.3 million views and counting.

What’s the neighbour doing on all fours…in the garden? And why is that man in the park acting like a Grand National winner? Welcome to the #DillyGallopChallenge – the Internet’s latest viral hit. If iconic racing horses Fury, Seabiscuit and Secretariat were on TikTok, they’d be rolling their eyes at the #DillyGallopChallenge, which is inspiring a generation of TikTokers to trot and canter across the internet.

Athletic young TikTok users are running – or rather galloping – over parks, paths and even pavements, just like horses. DillySocks creative agency Serviceplan Switzerland, conceived the #DillyGallopChallenge and invited influencers to take the challenge as well as casting regular people.

TikToker’s taking part in the #DillyGallopChallenge gallop, trot, neigh and jump like horses – with socks on their hands and feet. And that last detail is no accident. The new trend is the brainchild of Swiss start-up DillySocks and Serviceplan Switzerland. “We were looking for a way to promote our 2-for-1 offers to a younger target group”, says Sean Pfister, one of DillySock’s three founders. “And when Serviceplan Switzerland presented the idea, it was immediately clear that this was a horse worth backing.”

DillySock’s bright-socked silliness brightens up the gloom of the winter lockdown, with the brand’s founders confident their flashy socks can bring a little colour into people’s lives in difficult times through the #DillySockChallenge. As the challenge picks up pace across the social sphere, it seems the DillySocks’s bet is paying off. Looks like it’s time to put on some horseshoes and get galloping.

The #DillyGallopChallenge is the brainchild of Fabian, Claudio and Sean, the founders of DillySocks, who partnered with their agency Serviceplan Switzerland to launch the challenge to promote a 2-for-1 offer on their funky, colourful socks. In the brand’s own posts of the platform, a promo code leads users to the offer on DillySocks’s online shop.

To check out the challenge, head over to TikTok and search #DillyGallopChallenge.

Source: Serviceplan

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