Recipe develops new campaign for 888casino

Creative agency Recipe has created new work in its long-running ‘suspense’ campaign for to support the launch of 888casino’s new platform which offers hundreds of new games and a faster, more reliable experience to players. The new site is powered by a brand new gaming platform and web application with a mobile-first approach to the re-design.

The new campaign – ‘Suspense – New Heights’ – for its 888casino Roulette and Slots games has been created set inside the game, depicting the suspense found on 888casino.

A 30-second spot for 888casino Roulette ad, entitled ‘Trapeze’ opens on a spinning roulette wheel which quickly transitions again to a fantastical arena in which we see three trapeze artists dressed all in Roulette colours of white, red and black We witness a competition with the black and red trapeze artistes trying to grab the ‘white ball’ artiste. Between this we cut back to our roulette wheel as the ball slows down to settle in a pocket – the suspense builds, will it be red or black? The ad ends with the voiceover: “Suspense in every moment. The new 888casino – Taking it to new heights.”

Meanwhile a spot for 888casino Slots games, entitled ‘Tightrope’ is set in a fantastical, brightly lit arena, with the viewer travelling through the slots reel to meet a tightrope artiste carefully walking a rope. With the slot machine icons circulating the tightrope and with building suspense the tightrope artiste leaps forward for the final golden bell icon. The ad then cuts to black as the voiceover again says: “Suspense in every moment. The new 888casino – Taking it to new heights.”

Dom Roe, Planning Director of strategy at Recipe said “Online casinos all look, feel and talk the same. They tend to depict the win, but for our customers, it’s the anticipation of the win which is most exciting.”

Dan Jacobs, Creative Founder, Recipe added: “We wanted to make audiences feel the suspense and excitement you get playing, when anything can happen.”

Source: Recipe

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