Reuters named leading International Digital Media Brand in Europe by Ipsos

Reuters is the most popular international digital media brand in Europe, according to new research published by Ipsos.

The Ipsos Affluent Europe 2018 shows that Reuters now has the largest weekly and monthly digital reach of all 47 international media brands surveyed.

The research – which measures reach amongst affluent audiences and decision makers across 21 countries – shows Reuters has grown its digital weekly reach to 4,032,000 – a 15% year-on-year increase – to become the number one international media brand in the region, ahead of the New York Times (3,736,000), BBC (3,623,000) and Financial Times (3,293,000).

The figures show Reuters continues to lead the way in monthly consumption, with a monthly digital reach of 7,105,000, ahead of the New York Times (7,077,000), Financial Times (6,309,000) and BBC (6,108,000).

Reuters also took the number one position amongst the following audience groups (figures in brackets show the percentage increase in monthly digital reach over the year):

  • CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents and Managing Directors (13%)
  • C-suite, Executives and Directors (47%)
  • Business decision makers (16%)
  • Workers in banking, insurance or other financial services (39%)
  • Decision makers in corporate finance, Investment or other banking, finance or insurance services (21%)
  • Decision makers in information and communication technology (24%)
  • Those in the top 10% income segment (16%)
  • Investment owners (16%)
  • Owners of investments valued at over €250,000 (2%)
  • Respondents who had taken more than 6 return air trips for business last year (8%)
  • Influential opinion leaders (25%)
  • Those earning more than €180,000 a year (9%)

Munira Ibrahim, Reuters SVP for Sales and Content Solutions, said; “I’m delighted that Reuters has been named the number one international digital media brand in Europe. This research underlines Reuters unrivalled position as brand of choice amongst CEOS and top business decision makers. It also highlights the enduring importance of trusted brands in an era of fake news.”

The Ipsos Affluent Survey offers an in-depth view of media usage, consumption behaviour and interests of the affluent target groups and is the industry standard for multi-country multi-media communications planning. The Affluent database contains both international media and national media, TV, print, websites and applications.

Source: Reuters

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