Robot Food Quench Feel Good’s Thirst for an Identity with Purpose

After being purchased by Nichols PLC (owner of Vimto), Feel Good were in a position for change. For many, Feel Good was seen as a ‘grown-up’ alternative to your standard non-alcoholic, fizzy pop option, lacking expression and a point of difference. But with no added sugar, 100% natural ingredients and a backlash against sugary drinks, there was huge potential for the better-for-you drinks brand.

With its ‘no nasties’ credentials, Feel Good looked to target millennial women; a demanding group of (fairly) health conscious, aspirational 20-30 something year olds. Robot Food found in them a savvy consumer too informed to fall for empty claims and gimmicks, lacking in loyalty but motivated by authenticity. In order to resonate, the new design needed to show the brand as one with integrity, deliver purpose for consumers to get behind and help re-establish Feel Good’s ‘Drink Good, Feel Good’ mentality.

The team called for a complete overhaul, stripping design right back to just the name. Worthy on-pack call outs and misaligned illustration were replaced with clear and concise messaging to convey the honesty and purity of the product. Key to the entire rebrand was the creation of the droplet brand mark. Robot Food’s approach was contemporary, shunning the conventions of your typical corporate logo and allowing a flexible colour palette to communicate flavour.

Fewer restrictions and buckets of confidence allowed the perfect springboard for exciting new product ranges. More freedom could be had in the design for Feel Good’s ‘For Kids’ range. A brand for millennial parents and their young children, the juice range took on a storybook aesthetic, brought to life by the beautifully bright and textured illustrations of British illustrator, Tracey English.

With Feel Good reformulated and relaunched as a contemporary brand, Robot Food created a sub-brand identity for new product, ‘Infusions’, an all-natural, lightly flavoured spring water. Millennial women were looking for hydration but left uninspired by water and wary of its sugary alternatives. The team evolved the core design, stripping back even further with a transparent label and only a hint of colour as a suggestion to the subtle flavouring of the water itself. The design is simple but stylish, positioning ‘Infusions’ as a relevant and exciting range that sets a new precedent for the Feel Good brand.

Becky Unwin, Senior Brand Manager at Feel Good, said, “Robot Food were able to really get under the skin of our target, understanding of their needs and values, and have created an identity that feels relevant. The new packaging is vibrant and full of vitality – it just makes you feel good!”

Martin Widdowfield, Creative Director at Robot Food, said, “This was right up our street. Feel Good was in need of a confidence boost that would resonate with a demanding audience. Creating a strong brand mark meant creating a brand that was future-proof, so this was key. The identity feels nimble and ready to adapt to the next new and exciting thing. Very challenger.”

Look out for Feel Good in supermarkets, restaurants and bars UK-wide now!

Source: Robot Food 

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