Run For The Hills creates visual identity for new boutique cinema brand, TIVOLI

Run For The Hills announced their collaboration with TIVOLI, a brand-new boutique cinema concept, merging art-house cinema and casual dining, creating a bold new format.

The first venue is set to launch later in 2018 in Bath and Run For The Hills have been working with the owners to create the brand’s entire visual identity from the logo and motif, colour palettes, fonts and tone of voice.

But also including the design and copywriting of their launch marketing ad campaign, packaging, signage, in-venue graphics, menus, now-showing screens and even a bespoke carpet design in the screening rooms.

The London-based consultancy has also designed the interior of TIVOLI’s first venue, including the hospitality spaces and screening studio rooms.

The luxury cinema, café and bar will boast state-of-the- art technology, stylish interiors and an impressive food and beverage offering. A place to host parties, events and private screenings.

“We chose Run For The Hills because we’d seen their standout bar and restaurant design work and wanted a specialist hospitality design partner to help make TIVOLI a destination in its own right, that also happens to be a boutique cinema. We also like the fact they do both branding and interiors, so we got to work with just one design shop to create a seamless, new brand identity and in-venue look, from the decorative scheme to the design of the menu, signage and ad campaign,” said Justin Ribbons, CEO of TIVOLI Cinemas.

TIVOLI will be a fantastic screening venue, but also a social, dining destination in its own right. TIVOLI’s first location will comprise of a stylish café-bar lounge, complimented by four fifty seat screening studios. A further twenty-seater Directors Lounge and Screen will be bookable upon request, offering a unique and exclusive cinematic and dining experience in a super-premium environment.

“Being lovers of film, this project was particularly exciting, getting to create a new brand in a really cool sector. We are also bang on the target demographic, being die-hard boutique cinema- goers ourselves, so It’s also been a real privilege to be part of the re-shaping the UK’s cinema landscape,” commented Chris Trotman, Creative Director of Run For The Hills.

“We love what we’ve created for the Tivoli brand. TIVOLI is cool but doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a laid back, welcoming and charismatic personality which is laced with shots of grit and wit. It’s stylish and sophisticated, with an enigmatic motif. We are delighted to be working with a really amazing new player on the independent scene and can’t wait to see the first venue open its doors.”

TIVOLI is the future of boutique and this is reflected in the cinema’s campaign line ‘Cinema, Re-Classified’, also conceived by Run For The Hills. TIVOLI’s tone of voice is echoed in the cinema’s advertising campaign, menus, and signage.

The new logo is a bold, sans serif logotype that oozes confidence. It has a creative leaning while remaining luxurious, trustworthy and exuding gravitas. Like the brand, TIVOLI’s logo leaves the conventional and breaks the mould. Paired with a mysterious logomark that hints that TIVOLI holds the ‘key’ to unlocking the infinite visual senses.

A number of TIVOLI patterns derived from the logo are used on tickets, coasters, popcorn buckets, coffee cups, and other in-venue packaging. A logo pattern has even been used on a bespoke carpet that will appear in the screening studios rooms.

TIVOLI’s core palette is cream and deep charcoal grey, which creates a classy more-than-monochrome look. This has been paired with red, teal and purple as secondary colours that pop. Gold is added where an ultra-luxe touch is needed.

Source: Run For The Hills

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