Samsung says #DoWhatYouCant in rousing new campaign by Leo Burnett Israel

In continuation of its global ‘Do What You Can’t’ platform, Samsung Israel has launched an epic new campaign created by Leo Burnett Israel and directed by Great Guns director Tal Zagreba. The heartfelt new campaign aims to empower people to overcome their barriers.

The film begins with vignettes of people confronting their supposed limits. The words ‘You Can’t’ seem to determine the fate of a nervous young dancer about to audition, a blind man preparing for a marathon, a skateboarder sizing up a challenging course, and a man pitching a spacecraft to a skeptical audience.

Suddenly, the meaning of the words is redefined with a positive twist to become ‘You Can’t Miss Your Chance/ You Can’t Let Anything Stop You/ You Can’t Give into Your Fears/ You Can’t Take No for an Answer’. As the film depicts these inspiring individuals overcoming their barriers, it closes with the hashtag #DoWhatYouCan’t.

When interviewed about the new campaign, director Tal Zagreba said: “The core idea was to take Samsung’s brand slogan ‘Do What You Can’t’ and to turn it into an epic film, featuring real characters who struggle against physical and psychological barriers standing in their way to achieving greatness. Amongst the ad’s cast you will find Beza Nababa, a blind marathoner who finished fifth at the Beijing Olympics; the ‘Beresheet Project’- the first private initiative spacecraft to land on the moon; Romy Barnea – a child dancer prodigy; and Katya Krasner- a professional downhill rider. These inspiring people overcame the barriers they encountered on their way with courage, determination and passion. In other words, by doing what they couldn’t, they are becoming invincible.” 

Source: Leo Burnett Israel

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