Since ’88 creates new fashion film for Stieglitz

This is a passion project for fashion label Stieglitz, a very outspoken brand with really bright, colourful and bold clothing for confident woman. Since ’88 wanted to make a film about choosing to be the person you want to be. That you have to look further and don’t stop when it gets hard.

Filmed on a Greek island with hardly any recourses: just one model, a small crew, three shooting days, a 16mm camera and no artistic boundaries. Even though it was filmed during summer in broad daylight, the film feels dark and sinister.

Director Nick Harmsen commented: “For me it is important to do a passion project every few months. A project without any creative boundaries. The easy choice was to make a happy fashion film set on a beautiful Greek island. But I wanted to create a film which feels dark, intense and sinister. It needs to feel a little bit uncomfortable and confusing so that people want it again.”

Source: Since ’88 

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