Stack launches first campaign with Office of the Public Guardian

Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, has appointed STACK to launch its Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) campaign following a government pitch against a number of agencies.

The campaign, which launches on December 10, aims to help OPG increase LPA registrations among under-represented groups, by promoting the benefits and dispelling myths around LPA. 

The campaign involves partnership marketing and digital activity, and acts as a precursor to a fully integrated campaign launching in 2019, addressing the problem that only 29% of the population claim an understanding of LPAs, with a particular focus on the elderly and their families.

For example, 72% of the public incorrectly believe that in hospital the next of kin will always get the final say in treatment decisions if the patient is unable to make decisions for themselves. 

Suzi Carberry, Head of Communications, Office of the Public Guardian says: “It’s great to have STACK on board – their thoughtful proposal showed real insight into how an LPA can be an empowering experience.  It gives people confidence and a peace of mind that decisions about their finances, property or health will not be left to a stranger. It’s also a valuable government resource that can be completely free depending on your circumstance.”

Ben Stephens, Chief Executive of STACK, commented:“It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to help OPG raise awareness of this incredibly important topic and we look forward to pushing it live in 2019.”

Source: STACK

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