The Serious Bacon Club Teams with Hovis to Launch ‘The Serious Bread Test’ via isobel

The Serious Bacon Club, the number-one social media platform for bacon lovers, owned by creative agency isobel, launched a new partnership with British bread giant Hovis.

In a bespoke campaign created by isobel, The Serious Bread Test follows a Bacon Club member as he checks whether Hovis passes muster when it comes to assembling the ultimate bacon butty. The 30-second films document how well the bread toasts, slices and absorbs sauce in a ‘laboratory’ setting, with GIFs and stills showing the hard-working scientist enjoying the results.

The series, which runs for a month, will expose Hovis to The Club’s obsessive bacon following across Facebook and Instagram.

Unabashed bacon enthusiasts can be found extoling the virtues of the best meat ever all over the web, but until isobel stepped in with The Serious Bacon Club in 2016, there was no central ‘bacon love zone’.

The Club’s first major partner was Danish bacon group Danepak. isobel’s entertaining bacon-themed films achieved 30 million Facebook hits in 12 months, with more than 14 million video views and six million engagements, helping to resurrect the Danepak brand.

Jamie Williams, Partner at isobel said: “As the media platform owner, The Serious Bacon Club gives everyone at isobel an open brief to keep innovating and creating winning content. It’s also a constant source of learning and testing across different and rapidly evolving social arenas. We have a deep understanding of this growing group of bacon fanatics and how they like to interact with brands, and we’re excited about using this platform to help bring the Hovis brand closer to a new and highly engaged audience.”

Source: isobel

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