Thrill-Seeking Dad Shows How He Gives 100% with Shredded Wheat in Campaign by McCann London

Shredded Wheat is showing how 100% whole grain Shredded Wheat helps people get 100% from life in a television commercial launching today, the latest instalment of its “Life’s Better Shredded” brand platform.

The commercial created by McCann London features a thrill-seeking father reliving the glory days of his youth. Filled with 100% whole grain Shredded Wheat, he borrows his daughter’s BMX and swoops like an eagle towards the skate ramp in what starts off as a show-stopping performance, but ends with viewers wondering if he has bitten off more than he can chew.

The first commercial since Shredded Wheat, owned by Cereal Partners, launched its “Life’s Better Shredded” platform in 2016, “Backyard BMX” will run on TV and online until 24 February.

Toby Baker, Marketing Director, Cereal Partners UKA, said: “We believe that good health is vital to getting the most out of life and Shredded Wheat is the healthy catalyst for living every moment to the full. The new ‘Backyard BMX’ TV commercial brings this idea to life perfectly.”

Matt Crabtree and Simon Hepton, Creative Directors, McCann London, said: “We’ve fuelled up with 100% whole grain wheat and an insatiable appetite for life, ready to saddle up, drop in and propel Shredded Wheat’s audience into the sweet unknown. Continuing our ‘Life’s Better Shredded’ campaign, we’re encouraging people to catch life (and gravity) on the flip side.”

Source: McCann London

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