Toyota RAV4 takes the web to the great outhdoors

How do you showcase a new adventure car to a target audience that spends their time outdoors? You take the website to them. This is what Toyota Africa did to bring the new Toyota RAV4 product site to life on an outdoor bike trail at the Bryanston Cycle Park in Johannesburg.

The 1.8-km cycling track was fitted with sensors, custom-built mechanisms and WiFi to bring digital content from the site to life. Wooden overhead panels, with a menu bar, showcased the different sections or ‘web pages’ of the site, such as Models, Design, Safety, Interior, and Book a Test Drive.

Riders could navigate the site by tapping wooden buttons along the trail. Information from the site would pop up along the track as the cyclists traveled through different ‘web pages.’ The participants were also able to tweet during their ride by tapping on wooden Twitter buttons along the tack.

Riders were even able to book a test drive at the end of the track and a tree stump printed out their test drive booking slip, which also served as their entry to a competition.

This is a great way to engage a target audience that aren’t naturally surfing websites. The site was built by ad agency DraftFCB Johannesburg and digital agency Hellocomputer and designed with the help of cyclist and Toyota ambassador Andrew McLean of Toyota Cycle Lab.

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