Virtual Reality Content Users Are Most Interested in Experiencing

205157Virtual reality (VR) may be in its early stages, but internet users are already interested in experiencing it, according to October 2015 research.

Futuresource Consulting looked at the types of virtual reality content that internet users in the US, France, Germany and the UK were interested in watching and experiencing. Some 39% of respondents said they were interested in watching or experiencing movies in VR, and 38% of internet users said they were fascinated in gaming.

Additionally, 27% of respondents said they were interested in watching TV and music videos via VR, and 26% said they were interested in experiencing educational content.

samsung-gear-vr-at-oculus-connect-2-developers-conference-2015A little over a quarter (26%) also said they want to experience virtual reality sports content. VR can be an immersive medium for marketers and a new way they can tell stories and engage with audiences like never before.

200944What’s more, consumers are highly interested in VR, and not just Gen Z. Older generations are drawn to it too.

October 2015 data from Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research found that 79% of Gen Z US internet users—defined as those ages 10 to 18—said they are interested in virtual reality. In addition, almost three-quarters (73%) of millennials said they are interested in virtual reality and 70% of Gen Xers said they were as well. Virtual reality even appeals to baby boomers; 64% of them said they were interested in it.

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