AACD and Z+ launch campaign to bring awareness to the daily challenges of people with physical disabilities

Seeking to increase the awareness of disability causes, aid association AACD and advertising agency Z+ present the “Empathy Objects” campaign, which made participants experience firsthand the difficulties faced by people with physical disabilities or reduced mobility.

The action intends to emphasise the importance of AACD’s work and motivate more people to donate to the institution, which has five orthopedic workshops in Brazil that manufacture more than 55,000 orthopedic products annually.

“Campaigns such as ‘Empathy Objects’ are quite positive for AACD, as they make society more sensible to the matter and help us raise the funds we need to maintain the excellency of more than 800,000 consultations every year in our nine facilities in Brazil,” says Edson Brito, Marketing and Institutional Relations Superintendent at AACD.

To spur empathy for others, the experience carried out in a few restaurants in São Paulo involved uncomfortable objects. Chairs, wine glasses and silverware with unusual designs produced astonishment at first and made meals cumbersome. Right after, participants were surprised with a message: “Your world is not like that. Theirs doesn’t have to be either. Help AACD to keep helping. Donate.”

The objects produced by Z+ were inspired by The Uncomfortable project, by Katerina Kamprani, a Greek architect who created deliberately inconvenient everyday items to produce discomfort in those who interact with them. 

“Empathy is powerful and capable of transforming relationships. We built this narrative upon this sentiment and want to touch people’s hearts to help the work of AACD,” says Alexandre Vilela (a.k.a. Xã), the CCO of Z+.

The campaign runs on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook, directing to the AACD portal, where donations to the cause can be made.

Source: Z+

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