Adblock Plus releases Adblock Browser for iOS 2.0

Adblock Plus, one of most popular browser extension for blocking annoying online advertisements with over a billion downloads, announced that Adblock Browser for iOS 2.0 is now available on the App Store for all iOS devices. This is a milestone update for the browser.

The Adblock Plus product team has been working for over a year on not only providing users with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use controls, but also developing a product to keep data costs down, save precious battery life and protect personal data on the mobile web. Everything Adblock Plus has done to the newest version of its flagship iOS browser has been done because users value content, and strongly dislike anything that disrupts that content (like annoying ads, which cost bandwidth and compromise their privacy).

Moreover, Adblock Browser for iOS is fully sanctioned by Apple because it does not interfere with other app functions and is not a VPN-based blocker.

New features of Adblock Browser for iOS 2.0 include:

  • Private browsing: Adblock Browser 2.0 now offers Ghost Mode, which allows users to browse the mobile web anonymously with a single tap of an icon located in the toolbar. Contrasting background colors make it crystal clear which mode is toggled on.
  • Managing new tabs: Adblock Browser now makes it easier to create and manage new tabs with a single tap, or delete them with the swipe of a finger.
  • Viewing recent history: Adblock Browser 2.0 for iOS lets users easily view the pages they visited recently and erase the history if they choose.
  • Bookmarking pages: With this release of Adblock Browser, users can bookmark any page right from the search bar with one tap. When they want to see their list of bookmarked pages, they can simply tap an icon in the toolbar.
  • Configure settings: With the new Adblock Browser for iOS, users are only a few taps away from configuring almost every aspect of it. Whether it’s choosing a different default search engine, or refining ad-blocking options, the settings are easy to understand and comprehensive.
  • Reliable performance: The new version of Adblock Browser for iOS features a ton of improvements under the hood. Most importantly, it’s now super-fast and way nimbler than before.

“For the last year, our product team has worked hard to deliver the best possible ad-blocking browser on the planet. We’ve listened to our users and have updated Adblock Browser for iOS to focus on ad blocking and privacy/data protection, but have also added some incredible new features that give the user total control of their online destiny,” said Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus. “We have made massive improvements to our flagship iOS ad-blocking product, and we invite all of our current users, plus everyone else who owns an iOS device, to try out our brand new browser and make the internet your own.”

Source: Adblock Plus

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