Adidas Launch ‘Crazyquick’ Campaign

Adidas premieres their latest campaign, “Quick Ain’t Fair” featuring A$AP Rocky, John Wall (Washington Wizards), Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) and Jrue Holiday (Philadelphia 76ers).

“Quick Ain’t Fair,” from 180LA, opens with A$AP Rocky rapping the mythical tale of a family of quicks, who live and ball within the advanced shoe. Utilizing theinnovative technology of the Crazyquick, they dominate over all competition.

“The technology in this shoe is proven to make ballers quicker,” says 180LA copywriter Kevin Steele. “We brought this to life by putting three of the quickest guards in the league inside the giantCrazyquick shoe and showing them using the shoe to crossover and cut up anychallengers.”

“Then we worked with A$AP Rocky to co-create an urban tale, similar to a fairy tale but with more swag, to tell the story.”

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