Adote Brazil Promotes Organ Donation With New Typeface Designed By White Rabbit Budapest

Donortype was created by combining 8 different fonts to represent the 8 human organs that can be donated.

The number of solid organ transplants fell dramatically around the world between 2019 and 2021, researches have found,  highlighting the widespread impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on health services and patients.

Adote_TypeDonation_CASESTUDY from White Rabbit on Vimeo.

Adote is a Brazilian foundation dedicated to sharing information about the organ donation and transplantation process through various tools, such as public awareness campaigns, articles, books, leaflets and stickers, lectures and round tables, in addition to participating in public policy forums. Now their tools of communication includes a less obvious, yet powerful and demonstrative asset: a typeface called Donortype which was designed to promoe organ donation.

A person can save up to 8 lives if he/she chooses to donate organs. To generate awareness about this lesser known fact, and drawing attention to the life-saving importance of organ donation, the design department of White Rabbit Budapest combined 8 different fonts – thus giving life to a brand new typeface, called Donortype.

The 8 fonts represent 8 human organs; the new Donortype – with its imperfectly combined, yet normal and functional fonts – artistically expresses the outcome of an organ donation. The whole alphabet of the typeface with their different bits and pieces demonstrate all the survivors, whose lives were saved by the organ donation of others.

Each and every font is the result of a meticulous and individual design process. Some elements of the “base” fonts were left out, and replaced by another pieces taken from one of the 8 typefaces. The idea was to combine the characteristics of both fonts casting light on the new identity of the Donortype fonts. The colour palette was also carefully selected, reflecting the natural colours of the human body.

Besides using Donortype for posters, the typeface was also uploaded onto all the important font archives and websites, and made available for free downloads – so when it’s shared and used, this very special typeface could easily communicate the importance of organ donation.


Client: Adote

Brand: Adote

President: Rafael Paim

Advertising Agency: White Rabbit Budapest

Chief Creative Officer: Istvan Bracsok

Chief Creative Officer: Levente Kovacs

Creative Director: Luis Paulo Gatti

Strategic Creative Director: Jim Seath

Associate Creative Director: Martina Martinez

Associate Creative Director: Augusto Lima

Art Director: Luis Paulo Gatti

Art Director: Frederico Livi

Art Director: Dennis Silveira

Copywriter: Flavio Pinheiro

Copywriter: Caio Kochenborger

Copywriter: Levente Kovacs

Client Service Director: Levente Balint

Account Director: Reka Batho

Production Company: Square Pixel

Executive Producer: Raphael Dias

Executive Producer: Aramis Barros

Director: Raphael Dias

Motion Graphics: Aleff Maurício

Music&Sound Company: Fuzzr Audio

Music Producer: Felipe Colenci

Music Producer: Gustavo Marques

Music Producer: Rodrigo Ricardo Rodrigues

Bass: Felipe Brisola

Pianos & Programming: Felipe Colenci

Source: White Rabbit

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