Aeroméxico And GUT Mexico City Launch Brand Campaign “New Winds”

Aeroméxico transforms itself to offer a customized experience that aims to excite travelers to fly once again

Aeroméxico wants Mexicans to fly again, so together with GUT Mexico City, they have launched the “New Winds” campaign, its first with the agency. The “New Winds” campaign invites travelers to fly a new, customized experience on Aeroméxico through a film made with production company Stink Films, serviced by Habitant, and directed by the Fridman Sisters.

During the last two years, the concept of traveling had to stop due to the uncertainty and powerlessness generated by the pandemic. And while the brand never stopped its services during this time, Aeroméxico transformed itself to offer a more customized end-to-end experience so that travelers could get excited again and feel in control while traveling. 

“A trip is lived three times: When we dream it, when we live it and when we remember it,” said Ramiro Rodríguez Cohen, Executive Creative Director of GUT Mexico City. “With the “New Winds” campaign, we highlight that first stage of traveling, which is to dream it. This was especially important because it’s been a long time since everyone was able to freely travel and live it. So now, in 2022, with a new wind and a new Aeroméxico, we finally invite all Mexicans to relive those trips and fly together again.”

“At Aeroméxico, we are committed to deliver a flight experience as special and as customized as our customers are unique and diverse,” said Xiomara Martin Matos, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability at Aeroméxico.” In the last two years, we have focused our efforts on preparing the brand for this new context of flexibility and personalization. Today, with our “New Winds” campaign, we are celebrating this evolution and the commitment we have to accompany our customers to pick up our new wind.”


Agency: GUT Mexico City

CCO & Partner: Nacho Ferioli 

ECD: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen

Creative Director: José Marío Muñoz

Creative Director: Rodrigo del Oso

Associated Creative Director: Diego López Oliva “Pájaro”

Associated Creative Director: Diego “Brontis” Rojas

Production Director: Aída Garatea

Managing Director: Camila de Almeida Prado

Account Group Director: Elizabeth Reyna

Account Director: Mónica Rayón De Ita

CSO: Samantha Hernández

Strategy Director: Alejandra Margain

Production Company – Stink Films

Director – The Fridman’s

President – Daniel Bergmann

Executive Producer – Fran McGivern 

HOP – Ari Schneiderman

Service Company – Habintant

Producer –  Gleny Valente

EP – Pablo Martiñá 

Managing Director – Arturo Arroyo

DP –  Adolpho Veloso

Production Designer – Micaela Urrutia

Wardrobe Stylist – Maximiliano Patko

Client representatives:


Andrés Castañeda – CMO

Xiomara Martin – Marketing VP 

Emmanuel Romero – Brand Manager 

Daniel Garcia – Creativity Sr. Manager 

Isaac Quezada – Production Manager

Paola Martínez – Head of Production 

Fernanda Márquez – Head of Brand

Source: GUT Mexico City

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