Anomaly and Freeview launch feel-good new ad celebrating the UK’s favourite TV shows

Anomaly has launched a new advert for Freeview; a fun and fast paced mash-up of visuals and theme tunes from the nation’s favourite TV shows.

The ad builds on Anomaly’s ongoing The Other Way campaign for the brand by taking the voice of Freeview and further dialling up emotional resonance through the use of iconic footage from well-loved programmes. The ad reminds viewers that Freeview brings the nation’s favourite TV together in one place, for free.

Freeview is in a unique position to be able to show a great range of content free of charge from across the popular UK channels, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and UKTV’s Dave. In fact, 95% of the UK’s favourite TV shows are available with Freeview.

The new ad sets out not just to tell people this, but to show them, through sampling instantly recognisable shows such as Match of the Day, Have I Got News for You, Gogglebox, Thunderbirds and Big Brother all wrapped up into an ode to great TV. The range of shows in the ad includes something for everyone: sports, and kids’, a splash of new reality shows, comedy and panel shows.

The new advert is designed to target all those in the UK who want more great programmes, but don’t want to pay over the odds for it or get locked into contracts.

The ads will be shown on TV, VOD and online throughout May and will be supported by paid digital advertising and a competition giveaway.

Neema Shah Khan, Head of Marketing, Freeview said, “Together with Anomaly we’ve created a truly unique ad, celebrating the nation’s favourite TV theme tunes and reminding TV lovers everywhere that Freeview provides all these shows (and more) for free.”

Source: Anomaly

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