Audi: The Start-Stop Battery App

Some Android users swear by task-killing apps, but most feel that the OS has matured to a point where you can let it manage itself without the need to meticulously close every open app on your phone.

That hasn’t stopped German automaker Audi, of all companies, from releasing its own task-killer app called Audi Start-Stop.

Just like dozens of apps before it, Start-Stop notifies you when it detects open apps that aren’t actively being used — once you tap the notification, the Start-Stop gives you a whole list of apps you can kill at your discretion.

Of course, Audi isn’t really all that serious about app development — this new app is really little more than a way to promote the company’s stop-start technology found in its cars.

That feature will automatically shut off a car’s engine when it is stopped and restart it when the driver depressed the clutch to put the car back in gear.

While start-stop sounds like a potentially useful feature for automobile drivers looking to save gas, Audi’s Android app feels much more like a gimmick than something that’ll actual save precious battery life for those who install it.

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