BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON Radiates With Super-Premium Elegance Created By Knockout

Independent drinks branding agency Knockout has designed BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON, a new super-premium offering from the iconic world leaders of fine gin. With a contemporary twist, the design reimagines the brand’s classic look to create a bottle of sheer elegance that will shine brightly within the Bombay Sapphire portfolio.

Handcrafted to inspire creative possibilities, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON is a testament to the visionary collaboration of Ivano Tonutti, Bombay Sapphire’s Master of Botanicals and Dr. Anne Brock, Bombay Sapphire’s Master Distiller with the artisanal growers in the Murcia region of Spain. Created to spotlight these sensational, sustainably grown citrus fruits, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON is a celebration of craft, knowledge and hard work, resulting in an exquisite liquid with endless creative possibilities.

As Bombay Sapphire’s long-term creative partner, Knockout was given the opportunity to bring BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON to life with a creative expression that embodied this rich story and reflected the bright intensity of the flavour profile. The challenge was in elevating Bombay Sapphire’s equities to amplify the spirit’s exceptional quality whilst remaining faithful and true to the brand’s iconicity.

With a refined bottle structure, vibrant colour and elegant detail, the final design for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON captures the prestige of this new proposition, creating intrigue at every angle and with every touch.

Knockout began by designing a bespoke structure that accentuates different elements of Bombay Sapphire’s trademark blue bottle to bring out greater elegance. Now taller and more lithe, the bottle features sharper facets to heighten its sapphire jewel-cut aesthetic as well as a cork stopper with an engraved rose-gold cap to deliver a more premium feel.

The label uses a fine cotton-touch paper for added luxury and features a mark for Premier Cru that brings together a contemporary type with a classic script, creating a lovely tension between the authority and opulence. Bright, fresh yellow conveys the ‘bursting with citrus’ flavour profile whilst coordinates of the Murcian region in a rose gold foil emphasises its provenance. An original pattern capturing the abundant beauty of a citrus grove is etched on to the side panels and carried onto the neck label in a deep orange varnish. Illustrated in maximalist style by Maggie Enterrios, this gorgeous motif highlights how the Murcian citrus fruits used to create BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON are hand-picked and hand-peeled from the late harvest, when their aromas and flavours are at their most intense.

The design is then finished with the signatures of Ivano Tonutti, Bombay Sapphire’s Master of Botanicals and Dr Anne Brock, Bombay Sapphire’s Master Distiller, which act as a seal of approval of the gin’s uncompromising craft and quality.

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with Bombay Sapphire for over 10 years, and the opportunity to design a super-premium bottle close to the core Bombay Sapphire brand has been a privilege and a lot of fun,” comments Dominic Burke, Founder at Knockout. “None of the wonderful equities of the core brand have been lost. They are all still here, just elevated and enhanced to fully express the new proposition, the extraordinary flavour and the mastery that goes into crafting a bottle of this incredible spirit.”

“A small-batch expression of supreme quality, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON celebrates the provenance that provides Bombay Sapphire with its signature Murcian lemons. It is born from our team’s tireless commitment to excellence and inspired by the unique, long-term collaborative relationships that are so essential in delivering our renown gin to the world,” comments Adam Heims, Global Brand Director, Bombay Sapphire at Bacardi. “It is also a testament to our strong creative partnership with Knockout, who have once again created a stunning design that deftly reflects the unique botanical proposition of this exceptional expression of gin, placing it in an esteemed position within the Bombay Sapphire portfolio.”

SourceKnockout & FAB News

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