Boris Johnson Is Now A Magic 8 Ball – Guiding The British Public Through The Roadmap

10 Days launches novelty product capturing all of Bojo’s wisdom in a Boris Ball to raise funds for the NHS

The country will now be able to answer any question just like Boris does, all from the comfort of their own home. All you have to do is shake Boris to reveal his wisdom. The Boris Ball has even been invited to be interviewed by Piers Morgan and Susanne Reid on Good Morning Britain

To use the Boris Ball, stare directly at BOJO’s face, and ask it a question, preferably guideline related (but can also be used in daily life decisions). Using a highly un-predictive algorithm, the answer will be revealed through the window in Boris Ball’s bottom – as if the real thing was in your living room with you.  With 20 BOJO answers – there is not a question the Boris Ball can’t answer.

Answers include: “Yes and, erm, or no” or “Let’s cumberland wrestle” or “Go to work, don’t go to work” or the classic “Search for the hero inside yourself” and many more…There’s even a handy set of instructions for extra guidance, and hilarious warning. Jolyon White, co-founder of 10 Days commented: “Once we realised that Boris is just like an 8 Ball spouting out random phrases of gibberish – it practically made itself.”

The Limited Edition Boris Ball was created by the 3 brothers behind creative shop 10 Days, who wanted to turn BOJO’s blundering political statements into a useful tool for the nation, and raise money for the NHS. They have also created a one of a kind Boris Ball clothing range and posters designed by Jake Greenway just to get you feeling more ‘BOJO’! 

The Boris Ball sold out in 20 mins, but go to to get on the waiting list and buy some Boris Ball Merch all for the NHS. 

Source: 10 Days

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