Brazilian creatives come together to create a free soundtrack stock bank.

100 days of music

100 Days of Music

We realized that finding cool and royalty free music for commercial use is very difficult and with that in mind we created our own bank, 100% free for use in projects says Henry Mandelbaum | Creative Leader

Over the course of 100 days, one song was produced per day and every 10 days a different artist created an album cover, resulting in 10 different albums. The project brings, through instrumentals and few songs with lyrics, different scenarios through sounds recorded in my daily life and in my home studio.

100 Days of Music

 The project featured several artists, from the advertising and art market: Gabriel Roemer, Pegge Ink, Mateus Yanikian (Art Director at PicPay), Pietro Soldi, Guilherme Manzi (Art Director at AKQA), John Locke, Davi Serrano (Art Director at TV1), Fernanda Sanovicz, Bruno Medeiros and Iago Mati.

100 Days of Music

All tracks are available on major streaming platforms. And they are also available for free use as soundtracks. Just contact to request access to the files.

Source: Henryman

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