Burger King Debuts “Meat?” A Campaign Aimed At Leaving Meat-Lovers Stumped

The brand continues to reinforce its commitment to offering plant-based alternatives. The campaign, created by DAVID Madrid, plays with the visual similarities between meat and plant

The new Burger King campaign, “Meat?” tricks the viewer, causing them to question whether the beautiful imagery in front of them is actually meat, or plants. At first glance of the print advertisement, consumers will suspect they are looking at real meat. On further observation, they may come to realize that the image actually depicts photos of vegetables – red pepper, beetroot, and radicchio to be exact*. 

The Burger King visual immediately illuminates how closely plants can mirror beef. With the tagline, “Sorry for the confusion, meat lovers” the brand invites fans of the iconic Whopper® sandwich to take the next step and try a plant-based Whopper for themselves. They may be happily confused.

“Many times, guests can’t tell the difference between the traditional Whopper and the plant-based Whopper. So, we challenged a food photographer and a food stylist to shoot some vegetables in a way that would make them look like meat. The idea was to create ads that would make people ask themselves ‘Wait, is this meat or is this a plant?”, says André Toledo from DAVID Madrid.

“At Burger King, our plant-based products often feel, taste and look like real meat; yet many guests are skeptical. We wanted to bring a visually powerful message that makes you re-consider that not everything in life is what is seems to be”, says Iwo Zakowski, Head of Global Brand Marketing at Burger King. “At Burger King, there is always something on the menu for everyone. We want all of our guests to be able to enjoy authentic BK®flavors and invite each and every person to Have it Your Way®.” 

The Burger King plant-based Whopper has the same build as the traditional Whopper except the beef patty has been substituted with a plant-based patty, all without sacrificing the flame-grilled taste guests know and crave from the BK favorite. The plant-based Whopper consists of a juicy, flame-grilled, plant-based patty, topped with freshly sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.

The campaign is planned to be rolled out in Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, among others.

*The vegetables pictured are not ingredients of Burger King products and are shown only to illustrate that meat and vegetables can be visually similar. 


Agency: DAVID Madrid 

Campaign: Meat? 

Client: Burger King Global 

Product: Plant Based Whopper 

Global CCO: Pancho Cassis  

Global COO: Sylvia Panico  

Executive Creative Director: Saulo Rocha, André Toledo  

Creative Director: Sébastien Rouvière 

Art Director: Camilo Jimenez 

Copywriter: Sébastien Rouvière 

Head of Production: Alejandro Falduti 

Head of Account: María Garcia Herranz 

Group Account Director: Rafael Giorgino 

Strategy Director: Patricia Urgoiti 


Photographer: Pal Allan 

Food stylist: Niklas Hansen  

Producer: Louise Hall   

DOP/BTS: Jakob Engwall 

Editor: Cristian Migueliz 


António Marques, Sabrina Ferretti, Iwo Zakowski, Andrea Beer 

SourceDavid Miami & FAB News

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