Can’t Afford A Creative Advertising Agency? Founder & CEO Of Ekstasy Reveals The 13 Essential Tips You Need To Do It Yourself To Build Your Brand.

13 expert tips for startups has been published by Mike Saraswat the Founder and CEO of Ekstasy, a creative advertising agency based in London. The advertising tips are freely available to everyone, with the aim that startups with smaller budgets can benefit from Mike’s 14 years’ experience.

A new tech business was launched every 30 minutes in the UK over 20201. But how many of these 20,000 startups will resonate with their intended audience? In 2019, the failure rate for such ventures was a staggering 90% 2. So, what separates the golden 10% of startups from the rest? Veteran creative advertising guru Mike Saraswat reveals his 13 essential tips to help new companies beat the odds and build a brand that lasts.

With custom-made animations and punchy instructions, Mike shares his baker’s dozen guide to success. Built on 14 years of experience and countless campaigns ‒ including Starling Bank, Klarna, Sumup, Samsung, Oracle, Amazon, Yale, Visa and more – the tips are must-read for any budding business.

“So many great businesses miss their moment because of ineffective or mediocre brand campaigns”, explains Mike. “I’m here to put an end to that. My mission is to help spectacular startups get the attention they need, with outstanding creative advertising. These 13 tips outline my roadmap to success, it’s the strategy we apply to all our clients. From Starling Bank to Samsung, this transferable advice will help your brand carry across different sectors, audiences and products”.

The 13 advertising tips for startups can be viewed here.

Turn up the volume to enjoy the sound effects in each of the short 3D animated loops. Mike collaborated with talented 3D artist, Angela Franceschi and sound designer, Gabriel Maia.

Source: Ekstasy

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