Fall Off The Wall and Armoury take a refreshingly honest – yet seriously entertaining – approach to online betting in new TV spots

MrQ – You Win Some You Lose Some – 30s TVC – Ad 01 from FOTW on Vimeo.

Challenger online betting brand MrQ has launched a new campaign combining tongue-in-cheek humour with a refreshingly simple and straightforward message around gambling: you win some, you lose some. But ultimately, it’s all about the thrill of playing.  Created by creative agency Fall Off The Wall (FOTW) and produced by Armoury, the campaign introduces MrQ as a no-nonsense gaming brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously – and is a surprisingly honest player within an industry not known for transparency and truthfulness.

The humorous campaign, directed by Armoury’s Simon Levene, centres on a series of six 30-second spots. In these relatively sarcastic, quick-fire win-or-lose vignettes we meet ‘The Player’ – a cool-as-a-cucumber character who plays things straight to the point of silliness, along with his portly sidekick and perfect comic foil.

From sculpting a clay pot Ghost-style, to appearing on a retro game show, playing chess, or attempting the classic magic trick of whipping a tablecloth from under a dinner service, the Player comes out on top or fails spectacularly in different versions of the same scenario. Yet always remaining sanguine about the outcome – epitomising the ‘You Win Some, You Lose Some’ line in a colourful way.

Founder of MrQ, Savvas Fellas comments: “As a business and as a brand, we like to tell it as it is. We’re realists and we want to appeal to realists. The realist who knows there will be losses and there might be wins. We are delighted with our new series of TV ads and extend our thanks to Fall Off The Wall and Armoury whose creative production work runs with the mantra of the realists – ‘You Win Some, You Lose Some’”

Creative agency FOTW developed the campaign for MrQ, crafting a series of comedic scripts for TV and digital, which were then brought to life by production company Armoury, together with director Simon Levene’s direction which focuses on humour, comic timing, craftsmanship and set design.

Marlon Griffin Creative Director Fall Off the Wall comments: “MrQ’s ‘The Player’ is a realist. He’s no faff and says it how it is. His character is lovable – and no matter how suave he tries to be, we see the human reality that not everything always goes his way. But he’s OK with that. He accepts that’s how life is as you ‘Win some, you Lose some’. I can’t wait to see the reaction to this campaign, I hope people like the spots as much as we do. We’ve created enough ads for a year’s campaign, but our brains are already whirling for The Player’s next outing.”

“We love how honest this ad is – and that’s what appealed to us the most. We think it’s quite cool for a casino brand to dedicate 50% of their commercial to losing.” says Matt Hichens, Managing Director/Executive Producer at Armoury.  “A great opportunity for Armoury to combine comedic timing with some really stylised set design and art direction to get brutally honest about life: ‘You win some, you lose some’”

Director Simon Levene through Armoury added: “We were able to mine deep into a very British, left of centre, fun, exaggerated-for-comic-effect style – and this gave us scope to take risks with a sense of heightened reality and dramatic colours that will be very memorable.”

The campaign will run on TV from Wednesday 1st March 2023 with a 30” and 10” advert.

MrQ – You Win Some You Lose Some – 10s TVC from FOTW on Vimeo.


Client: MrQ

Founder: Savvas Fellas

Head of Acquisition: James Booth

Head of Design: Noel Zahra

Agency: Fall Off The Wall

Agency Creative Director: Marlon Griffin

Agency Producer: Charlotte Morgan

Agency Senior Creative: Kieran Clark

Creative Production: Armoury 

Director: Simon Levene

DOP: Ian Murray

Executive Producer: Matt Hichens

Producer: James Mclaughlin

Production Company: Armoury

Bulgarian Service Production Company: Four Elementz

Service Company Executive Producer: Rosen Savkov

Offline Edit: Work Editorial

Editor: Mark Edinoff 

Grade: Electric Theatre Company

Colourist: Luke Morrison

Post Production: Fall Off The Wall

VFX Lead: Mark Wingell

VFX Designer: Hieran Chauhan

Audio: Sounds Good Studio

Sound Engineer: Martin Leitner 

Source: Armoury

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