Cheil Hong Kong and Hello Angel help new mums beat the baby blues with ‘Nappy Notes’ nappies


Cheil Hong Kong and Hello Angel, the nappy brand, have redesigned the nappy to help new mums combat the baby blues.

Hello Angel’s new Nappy Notes nappy range for newborns, devised by Cheil Hong Kong, has loving messages of support for new mums embedded into each nappy.

The nappies come equipped with a wetness indicator which allows mums to see messages of love, support and encouragement each time the baby pees – such as “Love you Mummy”, and “You’re my superhero”.

NappyNotes_04Up to 80% of new mums suffer from the baby blues and one fifth of cases
can turn into a long lasting clinical depression. Leading psychologists agree that with the right love and support at this crucial stage, most cases of baby blues are short lived, lasting just a few weeks after giving birth.

Trials have shown that new mothers using Nappy Notes were 60% less likely to suffer post-partum depression.

Paul Chan, Executive Creative Director at Cheil Hong Kong, said: “We examined the product itself and realised that the wetness indicator strips already built into most nappies could do so much more. Hence, Nappy Notes was born – a simple repurposing of the wetness indicator to reinvent the humble nappy – to help new mums beat the baby blues.”

“It was a powerful brand opportunity for us to provide the right love and support at the time new mums need it the most. By embedding loving messages in every nappy, we engaged directly with new mums at every nappy change. And with every nappy change, we built a stronger bond between the mother and her baby, and towards our brand.”

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