Comfort adds ‘Luxurious’ variant to Intense range

319998011_0_640x640Fabric softener brand Comfort today unveils ‘Luxurious’, a new variant in its ‘Intense’ range, with product design, packaging and visual identity developed by branding and packaging consultancy PB Creative.

The agency was briefed with ensuring that the Luxurious variant stood out on shelf as something special, whilst still clearly belonging to the Intense range.

The new product is the fifth variant in the ultra-concentrated ‘Intense’ range, joining ‘Fresh Sky’, ‘Fuchsia Passion’, ‘Sunburst’, and ‘Ocean Pearl’. The design draws on the gold, luxurious tones used primarily in the fragrance market, exuding a sense of desirability and richness without seeming brassy or over-indulgent.

Ben Lambert, Co-Founder and Creative Director at PB Creative, explains: “The brief for this project was to create a variant which felt at home and in place with the rest of the Intense range, but which was clearly a special, enchanting variant, that shines like jewellery on shelf.

“We took our cues from the iridescent and dazzling tones used by well-known fragrance brands such as Dior and , and created a visual identity that both fitted in with the original Intense branding but also conveyed that sense of being special and a step above the everyday.”

The Intense range originally launched in March 2015, following parent brand Unilever’s wish to shake up the fabric conditioner market by creating a product that challenged market ‘norms’ in terms of size, design, freshness and quality.

As an ultra-concentrated product, the aim was that Comfort Intense would be more convenient for consumers due to its size. The range was also designed to meet Unilever’s stringent environmental targets by reducing packaging and delivering greater efficiencies when distributing the products.

Visually, the bottle was designed to look like a droplet, imbuing the overall brand concepts of concentration and freshness, whilst leveraging character and personality by using bold, vibrant colours.

The 2D design was based around a ‘big bang’ concept, depicting the moment when a droplet lands and explodes, releasing the intense fragrance from the washing machine, the airer, the wardrobe and when worn.

Yasemin Kural, European Brand manager for Comfort, adds: “Following the success of the original Intense products, we wanted to launch a variant that could stand out on the shelf as a jewel in the range, something that would be an obvious choice for consumers looking for something special, elevating the brand one step further.”

PB Creative started working with the Comfort brand in 2011, and was originally briefed to create the structural packaging for the Intense range. As the relationship progressed, the agency pitched a new 2D concept for the brand and was eventually awarded all 2D and 3D work for the range, following a competitive pitch.


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