David Buenos Aires And Macma Invite Us To Touch Works Of Art To Raise Awareness Of Early Detection

Macma, the non-profit organization dedicated to support women with breast cancer, presents the interactive exhibition “The Art of Self Examination” in the prestigious Hispanic American Museum of Art Isaac Fernández Blanco, in the City of Buenos Aires. Unlike conventional art exhibitions, this initiative invites visitors, for one week, to touch the museum’s works of art with the aim of learning how to recognize the possible symptoms of breast cancer through palpation.  

The idea was based on a piece published on the The Lancet magazine and on the work of Dr. Liliana Sosa, who collaborated in the project, in which graphic signs of a possible breast cancer were detected in the models portrayed in Rembrandt, Rubens and Rafael´s pieces. That’s how the idea of carrying out an exhibition, where the visitors could discover in 3 specially intervened pieces something that was kept hidden for over 500 years.  

“For centuries, neither the portrayed women, nor the artists or the thousands of visitors who saw the works of art could recognize the symptoms. The same happens today: many women in our country don´t know how to recognize them. That is why we wanted this exhibition to help raise awareness of the importance of recognizing the symptoms to which we must pay attention to”, explained Ignacio Flotta and Nicolas Vara, ECDs at David Buenos Aires

“The Art of Self Examination” joins the extensive list of collaborations between Macma and David Buenos Aires: “TetasxTetas/Manboobs”, “Todos Aman las Tetas” and “Tratame Bien”.  

“Through this action we want to point out that breast cancer is treatable if it’s detected on time, and this creative proposal helped us experience how it feels discovering it by touch. It’s a self examination class that allows us to remember the importance of knowing and taking care of ourselves. We recommend women do a self examination regularly and make an appointment with their doctor annually to get a mammogram and/or other studies he/she considers necessary, as the self examination alone is not enough. It’s important to raise awareness all ages, and talk about the subject”, says María Paula Castillo, president at MACMA.  


Agency: DAVID Buenos Aires 

Campaign: The Art of Self Examination 

Client: Macma  

Global CCO: Pancho Cassis 

Global COO: Sylvia Panico 

Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo 

Regional MD: Emanuel Abeijon 

ECD: Nicolas Vara, Ignacio Flotta 

CD: Emiliano Adam, Nicolas Rudy 

Copywriter: Juan Pablo Tyrer 

Art Director: Johann Hotz 

Head of Production: Jimena Oliva
Producer: Agustina Perez Ponce 

General Account Director: Justina Lioy Lupis 

Account Director: Maria Giaimo 

Account Supervisor: Eugenia Iglesias 

Strategist: Federico Yalal Massud 

Production Company: POSTER 

Director: Dana Campanello 

Executive Producer: Mariano Echarri 

Art Director: Alicia Vázquez 

Photo: Romina Ferreyra 

Client Approval: Irene Marcet, Marta Mattiussi, Susana Gentile, Elba Torrado (RRPP), Paola Albornoz (Communis), María Paula Castillo

Source: David Buenos Aires

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