Dinosaur Launches Wake Up To A Silentnight

Dinosaur have created a new campaign for Silentnight showcasing its range of mattresses to suit all sleepers.

The Manchester-based creative agency was challenged with how to communicate to the 7 out 10 people that, research revealed, are sleeping on the wrong mattress.

The outcome is a campaign showing that we’re all unique and that Silentnight has the innovation in sleep technology that creates mattresses for us all.

The ads feature a pyjama-clad army who understand that Silentnight’s wide range of mattresses means they can put compromise to bed. It’s supported by powerful messaging that aligns sleep needs with products.

Ian Lambert, Marketing Director for Silentnight comments, ‘Dinosaur always pack a real punch. They responded to our brand relaunch brief with superb creativity, passion and dedication. They’ve helped us deliver a creative platform for the future our brand deserves’ 

Dan Pitchford, Creative Director for Dinosaur says, ‘We knew that when customers purchase an inferior mattress, they feel stuck with it. We wanted to show that Silentnight means choice and you don’t have to settle’

The campaign which asks consumers to Wake Up to a Silentnight will be running on TV, VOD, OOH, press, social and display.

Source: Dinosaur

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