Herbal Tea Brand ‘Flavour Head’ Created By London-Based Design Agency Missouri Creative

Design agency Missouri Creative reveals the launch of a new tea brand, ‘Flavour Head’ – creating all aspects of the brand; from consulting on flavour creation and product naming to brand identity, illustration, and packaging, to digital and social assets and launch communications. 

Flavour Head turned to the London based agency to shake up the highly saturated herbal tea category with a strong and distinctive brand, a clear product message and a Big, Bold, and Beautiful design that vividly brings to life a premium tea and taste experience.   

Targeting Flavour Explorers’- those passionate about flavour, sensation, and taste – the agency helped to develop a range of flavour combinations using the finest fruits, herbs, teas, and botanicals to give tastebuds a big and bold “HELLO!” 

Bringing the brand personality to shelf, the design uses big type, bold colours, and a unique illustrative style to create playful characters that bring individual personalities to each variant and an impactful presence to the range. 

Highlighting the all-important credentials, through mood illustrations and brewing tips – the small details make a big difference in adding a touch of fun and energy, whilst keeping the pack feeling premium without pretence, through its eco-friendly recycled stock.

To encourage consumers to become a Flavour Head, merchandise including bags, t-shirts and mugs will be part of the launch campaign, heroing the Logo roundel as a recognisable brand element.

Craig Harries, Flavour Head, Founder:

‘’Missouri quickly understood the opportunity to do something new and distinctive. Together, we developed an understanding of colours and textures that would appeal to the audience and be ownable.

Missouri developed a truly distinctive proposition and visual language that works across a range of products, with the energy and vibrancy to make a real impact. Flavour Head stands out in a crowded category by expressing emotion and feeling brilliantly.

The design manages to communicate a lot on-pack, avoiding clutter and keeping it big, bold, and beautiful. Missouri got the balance just right and added a playfulness that puts a smile on your face.’’

Russell Kerridge, Missouri Creative, Design Director:

“Flavour Head approached us with the task of creating an eye catching, playful carton that would have stand out in the growing fruit and herbal tea sector.

Big, Bold, and beautiful is the Flavour Head mantra. This inspired a pack design with big type, bold colours and as a range, real shelf presence while retaining individual personality.

In a growing market of consumers whose social lives revolve less around alcohol, we believe we’ve given ‘Flavour Explorers’ a product to LOVE.”

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