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Military Officers Association of America Launches 2020 Campaign From The Gate

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), the nation’s largest and most influential association of military officers headquartered in Alexandria, Va., partners again with The Gate | New York, to launch their newest campaign and to help MOAA with their mission of fighting for the benefits of military service members and their families.  

The campaign is an extension of the three-year initiative called Officer to Officer.  The campaign centers on the real-life challenges officers go through and offer their advice on how to address them.  Officers face a different set, but still pressing issues during the pandemic.

The new campaign will launch nationally this month across multiple digital channels. The videos will live on a microsite, which functions as a video gallery and resources hub, also designed by The Gate.  Shorter forms of each story will also drive visitors to the site. 

“We thought we could extend the campaign by creating videos that centered on officers giving advice on issues that surround the coronavirus epidemic. We reached out to the officers who had previously shared their stories and asked them to offer their counsel once again,” according to Beau Fraser, President and Chief Strategic Officer of The Gate.

Source: The GATE

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