Moonpig launches new “Love Bigger” Valentine’s Day TV campaign

Moonpig’s new TV campaign shows how its giant Valentine’s cards are the best way to tell someone how much you love them.

The TV campaign, created by Quiet Storm, shows a young man on a bus holding a huge and rather cumbersome pink heart. When he gets to his girlfriend’s house, we see the heart is in fact a large Moonpig Valentine’s Day card – a metaphor for the giant-sized love he has for his girlfriend.

The “Love Bigger’ campaign runs from January 31st.

Gemma Dowler, Art Director at Moonpig said: “At Moonpig we believe that love is our greatest natural resource. Seb and Robyn at Quiet Storm devised this giant heart visual metaphor – kind of like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Showing that it’s always ok to be proud of showing your love in a big way.”

Trevor Robinson, Executive Creative Director of Quiet Storm said: “With the brief of selling Moonpig’s unique, giant cards we are pleased to have created something emotionally heart-warming for the brand. The simplicity of the idea leaves everybody here smiling and we’re sure it will do the same for our audience.”

Source: Quiet Storm

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