Murphy’s Naturals Partners With Baldwin& To Drive Strategic Brand Growth

Two certified B Corps join forces to focus onMurphy’s major retail expansion

Murphy’s Naturals, a Raleigh-based company that makes natural products for outdoor living, has engaged Baldwin& for brand strategy and identity design in advance of its new product launches and expansion beyond plant-based mosquito repellents.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Baldwin& as we approach another year of growth. Their team will help us strengthen our storytelling and educate customers about our mission to celebrate nature and inspire good through quality natural products,” says Laura Patel, director of marketing at Murphy’s Naturals. “We look forward to working with Baldwin& to help us refine our voice and overall brand strategy.”

Murphy’s Naturalsmakes natural bug repellents in the form of sprays, candles, wipes, and incense, as well as ointment relief and hand sanitizers. Itis an earth-friendly, sustainable brand with the motto of “Doing Others Good” and a commitment to giving back 2% of its revenue to environmental groups, local nonprofits, and goodwill organizations.  

The company has drawn a number of investors, most recently NRV in late 2021, that will fuel the new product launches, new jobs, and further nationwide retail expansion.

Like Murphy’s Naturals, Baldwin& is also a certified B Corp company. This shared commitment to company accountability was a big factor in the decision to work together. The agency has been charged with anchoring the brand around its purpose and providing strategic direction as the brand expands. 

Jennifer Hazelett, Baldwin& director of account management notes, “As a B Corp ourselves, our mission is to help companies change the world in ways both big and small. We could not be more thrilled to have this opportunity to team with Murphy’s Naturals as they continue their journey of helping to get people back to nature, of inspiring others to do good and connect with each other, and to effectively protect our bodies so we can live fully.”

The two companies also have worked together on Take Your Seat– an organization whose mission is to make America’s boardrooms look more like America –where Baldwin& is a founding member and Murphy’s Naturals was one of the first companies to pledge a seat on its board for diversity.

Murphy’s Naturals, which doubled its sales on Amazon in 2020, sells in a growing variety of ecommerce sites and retail stores that include Whole Foods, Central Market, H-E-B, Bass Pro Shops, Urban Outfitters, National Parks, ACE Hardware, Grove Collaborative, MOM’s Organic, and Mighty Nest. And it has been featured by TodayRealSimpleBuzzFeed, Country Living, Cosmopolitan, Parents,and Men’s Journal.  

Source: Baldwin&

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