New high-octane films by The Grand Tour’s Kit Lynch-Robinson give a unique perspective to Lexus hybrids

Lexus International and The&Partnership have worked with award-winning Director Kit Lynch-Robinson to bring us ‘Hybrid Disruption’: a set of films which feature a range of Lexus hybrid vehicles including the LC, UX, RX and ES.

The five part series of 30’ films use unexpected visual tricks to promote the innovative technology, performance and reliability of Lexus hybrids.

Lynch-Robinson, famous for his work on The Grand Tour and Top Gear, is a specialist in automotive filmmaking. The location for the films was the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and the project required a combination of cutting-edge equipment and craftsmanship.

To capture the action Lynch-Robinson used an Arri Alexa Mini camera mounted on a Filmotechnic Russian Arm and a Zenmuse X7 Camera attached to a DJI Inspire 2 Drone.

The area of ground covered by the filming was 1km x 600m. It was such a vast expanse that a qualified surveyor was used to mark out points on the flats showing where the 3D artwork would be positioned in the final edit.

Kit Lynch-Robinson, Director, Outsider, said: “The whole job was a series of complicated problems to solve – what height and angle should the drone be? How long should the paintings be? How do we mark out the images on the salt floor? Where do we want the sun so we can create the best shadows?… It was a joy to work on. I really wanted to show that hybrids can be fun and exciting. I used all of my stunt and racetrack shooting experience, combined with stunning light to marry excitement and aesthetics.”

Spiros Fotinos, Global Head of Brand Management & Marketing, Lexus International said: “This series of exciting films reinforces our position as the luxury electrification leader by showcasing what over 1.5 million Lexus hybrid owners will tell you: cutting edge tech that delivers exceptional performance and industry leading reliability.”

Micky Tudor, Joint Executive Creative Director, The&Partnership London said: “We created mesmerising optical illusions on a massive scale to burst preconceptions and demonstrate how advanced, reliable and exhilarating Lexus hybrid cars are to drive. The result demystifies hybrid technology and thrills the viewer in equal measure.”

Written to capture the attention of the audience across social media apps on mobile, the five 30’ films have been crafted to cut through cluttered news feeds by playing with perspectives and camera angles to engage the audience and hold their interest. The films will also appear in online display and live on Lexus websites.

Source: The&Partnership

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