New Plate Campaign From SAND Feeds Non-Profits

The Nantucket License Plate project was launched largely thanks to a personal grassroots effort to sell the specialty license plates to faculty, families, and friends of the lead sponsor, The Nantucket Lighthouse School, as well as 17 other non-profits that serve Nantucket island youth, according to Nantucket agency SAND’s Creative Director, Grant Sanders who created the license plate print and video campaign that appeared on Facebook and Instagram.

Specialty plate sales as well as re-registration fees every three years come back to the island to fund vital programs. The Community Foundation for Nantucket is the organization that collects the proceeds and distributes them to the 18 local non-profits.

Sanders explains, “We knew that to expand sales of the plate to car owners off-island, we would need to access people in the Boston suburbs. But being an island 30 miles at sea, Nantucket is well known by some but wildly misunderstood by most others. Things like 12 PSI tire pressure when driving on the beach, navigating cobblestone streets, and roads with no traffic lights were foreign to many. We decided to use this insider info to our advantage.”

“We developed two lines that we worked into all creative: “Some people just won’t get it.” (One can see the double meaning here.) And, “If you love Nantucket, you’ll get it.” The campaign speaks directly to those few who “get it.” And piques the curiosity (or ire) of those who don’t,” Sanders adds.

The results, “The Nantucket License Plate program reported a revenue increase of 63% as a result of both new plate sales and existing plate renewals, “ according to Sanders.


Agency: SAND, Nantucket, Mass.

Client: The Nantucket License Plate Project/Nantucket Lighthouse School

Copy/Art/Music/Photography: Grant Sanders, SAND

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